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Gracious Matriculation School

Beyond Curriculum

"All work and no play makes jack a dull boy"

At Gracious we do believe in this proverb. The management ensures and takes personal care that every child is motivated to work on their hobbies and come out with a unique new invention. The students are motivated to draw, paint, play and read story books and hadith books.

Every Saturday at Gracious Hadith class is held where all the students right from I std to X std are gathered and Hadith is being explained and the students are told to lead a life as per ALLAH's saying in the Quraan.

The school has also provided the students to learn Self Defence by teaching them Karate and making it compulsory and necessary for all boys and girls.

The school also conducts multiple functions during every Academic year and also celebrates all the National festivals and also observes all the days of remembrance.

Enrol your child to make him/her a complete Gracian.


Gracious ! the name God given
Holy, pious & truthful.
Unto the path of one belief,
Teacheth & Maketh wonderful,
The lovely little angels,
God, cradled them unto our arms
God, Showered Thy Mercy!
Gave us the opportunity,
To excel them in world & eternity
Pray, give us strength
To fulfill all Thy commandments.