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The school aims in imparting the best education to its little angels. Henceforth the school goes beyond the prescribed syllabus in preparing the students for their bright future. The school practices a well planned curriculum which involves in grooming the child mentally, emotionally, socially, intellectually and indeed spiritually.The curriculum also ensures that a child develops his vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing, and the ability to think and question.At Gracious we believe in learning with experiment and experience. We promote self-learning. Since self- learning is everlasting. The school curriculum also ensures the teaching of Quraan with Tajweed, teaching of Hadiths, the Duas for daily life and the story of prophets.
The kinder Garten is from Pre K.G to U.K.G. During these three years the child is prepared to read, write, memorise and reproduce what has been taught at the school.By the time the pupil reaches I std they know English alphabets, Tamil alphabets and Urdu Alphabets. They are also imparted with knowledge of Maths. They learn to count and write. They are also made aware of science. They are also taught to do salam and basic duas.
The primary school comprises from I to V standard. In this level a child is taught to read, learn and write. Along with the regular academics the children are also taught Quraanic Surah, the Duas,to perform Ablution (Vazu) and Salath (Namaz). They are also taught 40 Hadiths and the 100 names of ALLAH. By the time a child is in V standard at Gracious he knows to read, write and learn English, Tamil, Arabic and Urdu language. And simultaneously the child also develops awareness about the facts of Science and Mathematics and also develops the intellect to reason and understand.
The high school comprises from VI to X standard. This is the most crucial age of a human. At Gracious we take this opportunity in making the best human by imparting the students with best academics and the knowledge of Islam. During these 5 years a child develops the mental ability to reason, think and study. The students are also motivated to actively participate in projects and work in their areas of interest. The children are also made aware and fledged with knowledge of Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Economics and Computer Science. The child also develops perfect spoken English with proper use of grammar and vocabulary.


Gracious ! the name God given
Holy, pious & truthful.
Unto the path of one belief,
Teacheth & Maketh wonderful,
The lovely little angels,
God, cradled them unto our arms
God, Showered Thy Mercy!
Gave us the opportunity,
To excel them in world & eternity
Pray, give us strength
To fulfill all Thy commandments.